Friday, 9 December 2016

ROOM 41 - Brain Shake 7'' 1997

Holy Shit, I think I'm gonna became a heartattack, hahaha. This band will blow your brains. How trashy, raw, wild & fast can they go? Room 41 really rule and kick ass. Catchy and dirty garage punk rock - just the way punk might should be. You make sure to get something by this band. Bought this 7'' long time ago in a local record store for € 4,- and it's damn cool. I have no idea if they have more but if there I will be able to get it. This one's the unoffical German release, you don't regret anything.

BADBOLL - Badboll Lever! EP 1981

Was the first release, Valen EP a killer gritty guitar sound one, leave Stockholm's Badboll with their second & final release, unfortunately, the tempo, the rudeness and the dirty sound behind them and have recorded here four poppy punk songs, and why?, that's a good questions. Maybe they wanted to be heard on the radio or there were too many bands who played '77 punk style (and there were a lots of them in the early days in Sweden) or for other reasons. It probably remains their secret. Well anyway, the songs are not bad here, a clean production (using keys), melodic & happy songs and they exude a "the world is beautiful & good" feeling and I like this pretty cool cover, some people today want over € 100,- for this piece of vinyl, incredible. A solid catchy powerpop record and a rare one and absolutly right on this place. I put the first 7Inch within.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

DA! - Dark Rooms 7'' 1981

This record was a long time on the Wanted-List and was posted in my former wildly loved wilddevilrules blog and since I currently convert some singles I stay with the DA! record. DA! were a Chicago-based post-punk band of the early 1980s and exist 1978-1982, they released two 7Inches on Autumn Records, formed by 17-year-old singer/bassist Lorna Donley in 1977, along with guitarist/keyboardist Evelyn Marquis and drummer Dawn Fisher. This lineup performed only once, and guitarist Gaylene Goudreau (who had previously played with all-girl punk band Lois Layne) was added in late 1979. Their music is a bit gloomy, but at a decent pace, and the female voice fits pretty good. Last one today, I'm tired of drinkin' much beer, join me tomorrow!

CITY KENT - Cancer 7'' 1979

Next 7Inch nugget by a band from Lund, in the east of Sweden, with their first and best release on Heartwork Records. Two awesome smashers just found here. Their music have all the great ingredients what a '77 punkrock style record needs, great cosmic guitar playing with a drivin' energy, swedish sung and everything is just right for a definitive classic. They released two years later a second EP but this is not worth mentioning. Completely different sound and it goes more into a wavish rock sound, terrible! What has driven the boys to record such a strange shit remains till now a mystery. No wonder 'Cancer' was chosen for Back To Front # 4. - Anyway, this here is a smasher and I promise, you like this little piece of Lund Punk.

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

STERKE SVAKHETER - Vi Er Som Andre Bare Litt Annerledes, Eller...Er De Andre Som Oss Bare Litt Annerledes EP 1982

Hello and welcome to more rare stuff from the glorious early punkrock days. - Another short-lived band were Sterke Svakheter from Jessheim/Norway and they existed from 1981- 1982, active in the early 80's with among others Espen Dahle on vocals and Kjetil Andersen on bass - both known from the band Slips. Their music has been described as 'dark punk rock'. They only released one EP on Den Onde Sirkel during their days and as well as several tunes on various compilation tapes including on the grandios Killed By Death #41 compilation. As mentioned so many other singles here is this certainly appeared in small copies and therefore a sought-after collector rarity. The four songs have a leisurely pace and with just twelve minutes of playing time quite long for an EP.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

G.B.H - No Survivors EP '82 + Give Me Fire 7'' '82 + Catch 23 7'' 1983

Punk Rocking For Over 30 Years, that's what we have here now. - Charged G.B.H are an English Street punk band, formed in 1978 by vocalist Colin Abrahall, guitarist Colin "Jock" Blyth, bassist Sean McCarthy & Drummer Andy "Wilf" Williams. G.B.H were early pioneers of English street punk, often nicknamed "UK82", along with Discharge, Broken Bones, The Exploited etc.. They have gone on to influence several punk rock musicians. The name G.B.H was inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy's trial for grievous bodily harm. Charged GBH embarked on several English and mainland US tours during the early 1980s, including several gigs at the 100 Club. 1981 saw G.B.H's first record Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne and one year later the first full length album, City Baby Attacked By Rats. Lyrically, the band dealt with criticism of British and European culture, violence, morbidity (especially in reference to the song "Passenger On The Menu", which describes in graphic detail the experiences of the passengers on the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571), atheism, nihilism and humour. Musically, the band is loud and fast, with few songs exceeding three minutes. In 1984 the band changed their name to G.B.H (Grievous Bodily Harm). Unlike some early punk bands that evolved towards other styles, G.B.H have stayed fairly faithful to their original UK82 sound in subsequent releases. However, the band have experimented to some degree with a more speed metal-inflected sound and at this point i'm losing my interest. So here we have three singles from the early days and everyone is a pretty UK Punkrock Killer.

- Huge Thx To Fredrik -

V/A - Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft! Es Wurschtln Es! 2 2010

Oh Yeah, it's fantastic to be at home by such a frosty weather! Well, after more than ten years donates us Luziprak Records the second compilation of Es Chaos Is Die Botschaft (1000 copies) with more Austrian Proto Punk and Punk Rock from the first generation, including some rare & some unreleased Punk influenced Powerpop, trash Rock, New Wave and No Wave stuff! Why it took so long explains the maker in detailed words on his blog (click orange above) plus lots of infos to every band. For me an excellent record with exemplary artwork and I challenge you to listen to this and Volume 1, so let's have one or more beer!

1.Crazy Police - SCOOTER
2.Ich Sprenge Alle Ketten - WILLI WARMA
4.Der Weisse Rum - NULL KOMA NICHTS
5.Tenebrae - RPB
7.Mein Kampf - COMMERCIALS
8.Robert Damiens - KILLROY
9.One Million Barrels - INTIMSPRAY
10.Keine Ahnung - FRONTAL
11.Sweet Little Girl - EXCALIBUR
12.Der Letzte Dreck Von Wien - DIRT SHIT
13.Cold Love - CADILLAC
14.Pumperl Geht... - ÖMÖ
15.Take Me As I Am - BLACK VEIL
16.Fang An - X-BELIEBIG

UNITS - History Of The Units (Early Years '77-'83)

This post is a request and I don't know from who but that's now playing no role. Seminal early electronic punk (SynthPunk), full of Moog-y goodness and computer blips. The Units were an American early electronic music/punk rock/New Wave/synthpunk band, founded in San Francisco in 1979 and were active until 1983. They were one of America's early electronic New Wave bands, they are sometimes cited (along with The Screamers) as pioneers of the genre now known as synthpunk. The Units were notable for their use of synthesizers in place of guitars, and multimedia performances featuring multiple projections of satirical, instructional films critical of conformity and consumerism. They are the angry Kraftwerk. Don't even mention guitars to them. I must say, I was quite skeptical and excited about what a band would bring which hate guitars. The more surprised I was when I heard this CD. "Cannibals" I knew already, is on any KBD sampler but the rest was new. Sure not every song is good ('East West' is a total waste, 'Warm Moving Bodies' makes me sleep, 'Red' is superfluous, Zombo needs five minutes to please me....) but more than half of the twenty-one songs are cool so this compilation deserves a visit to my player again. Wanna give you some critical response from wiki: The alternative press publisher V. Vale called the Units "the first San Francisco band to perform using no guitars", and the Los Angeles music critic Kickboy Face of the fanzine Slash wrote of a Units performance, "That night, watching the Units pound their machines into submission, I knew that another cliched concept of mine was biting the dust once and for all. I also knew that there probably was a future to rock n roll after all, and that future did not necessarily include anything resembling guitars. - Well, the Units have me positiv surprised and so I can highly recommend this album.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

SCHLIESSMUSKEL - Untergang Der Abendländischen Kultur 1987

Last week I had some time to rip some old D-punk classics and the next four posts belong exclusively to this. Let's start with the awesome debut from Schliessmuskel (German punk band of the late 1980s and early 1990s from Hamminkeln). Along with groups such as the Mimmi's and the Abstürzenden Brieftauben they were among the best-known German bands of this genre (FunPunk). The band itself always rejected the classification "FunPunk" and saw the band rather as Punk (Hardcore) combo and I agree absolutely with them. After the band's formation in 1983 by Ede Wolff (guitar), Schlaffke Wolff (vocals), Techt Tetmeyer (drums) and Böckler Hachenberg (bass) they released their debut EP Komm Setz' Dich Zu Uns (We Bite Records) in 1986 with six short punk attacks and with their debut LP one year later they continued their fast hardcore style, same applies for the 2nd album Sehet, Welch Ein Mensch! In the coming years they played gigs with the Spermbirds, M.D.C. or the Adicts. 1990 they were on the compilation Festival der Volxmusik that brought together the most important German fun punk performers. The next album Weniger Fett-Mehr Muskeln appeared in the same year and reached four digit sales figures and held for weeks in the independent charts. Mid-1990 it was quiet about the group and the split from We Bite Records follows. In 1993 the musicians performed as the opening act for Die Toten Hosen. Renamed in Die Muskeln and in the following years, the band retreated, still published recordings (in 2000 again under the old band name). Singer Schlaffke began after the withdrawal of the group under the name "Zwakkelmann" a solo project but with no comparable success. In late 2005 the band were reformed and played in Oberhausen and early 2006 in Essen two gigs. Rumors of a reunion but were rejected. So don't be afraid what you see or read about them, Schliessmuskel is one of the best German Punk bands I've ever seen.