Monday, 16 January 2017

REVULSION - The Only Revolution 7'' 1991

I still have one for today: From Norwich England came Revulsion, an 80's anarcho punk band and this is their second record, 1040 copies made so the newspaper says and they broke up soon after the release of this awesome 7". Here we have two brilliant melodic punk tunes and the storm of noise and velocity is quite excellent which was all too often absent from other "Britcore" bands' efforts. Now this is what punk is all about. Social & politically conscious lyrics sung with conviction, rage, and most importantly & hope. Believe me, this record is awesome and if you like stuff in the vein of Snuff, Leatherface or Guns & Wankers then you must crap this without hesitation. I'm yet a litte bit drunk but I know what I'm talkin' about, hahaha... :))

THE ESCALATORZ - Contaminated Memories 7'' 1985

The weekend was very intensive so no time for being here but I'm back with a rare 7Inch by The Escalatorz from Berlin, one of the winners of the Senate Rock Competition in 1982. Founded 1981 by the duo H.P. Daniels and Dieter Bauer and they have been playing for a few years in the so-called folk clubs and the band was then: H.P. Daniels (vocals + guitar), Dieter (bass), Bibi (guitars) and Hans (drums) and they released two self-produced singles and a s/t 10''. They had a few line-up changes because the musicians were also active in other bands so there come temporal problems and that was not perfect. At some point, the line was filled and they recorded more records, toured extensively until finally 1991 came the band to an end. So this 5th record has two good goodies, side-a is a nice ballad whereas the flip a nice powerpop ass kickin' is.

Friday, 13 January 2017

MR. HYDE - Trop Belle! 7'' 1980

Start today with this rare 7inch by Mr.Hyde, a four piece combo from the city of Saint-Malo and this sucker was released on FLVM and the boys give us two rockin' mid-tempo goodies which should not be forgotten. The a-side made it to the Bloodstains Across The World compilation and another one on Rock'N'Rennes (1981). In 2015 the French label Poch Records released a record with thirteen lost nuggets in an edition of 300 copies. I guess the band has split up shortly after appearing the single. Solid stuff the weekend can start.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

PÖBEL - Es Lebe Hoch Die Perversion EP 1981

Shortly after their founding in 1980, Pöbel developed into a highly acclaimed live band, they played masterfully with a very fast and hard sound, Viennese proletarian texts and inspire the audience with their behavior on the stage. Pöbel were Sven (Guitar/Vox), Lörkas (Bass), Andi Abschaum (Guitar) & Tschurie (Drums) and play incredibly fast aggressive punk rock. In January 1981, 200 pieces of their one & only rare EP 'Es lebe hoch die Perversion (Long Live The Perversion)' were as "Test Pressure" on the Vienna D.I.Y. label PanzaPlatte published. Three ultra-rough hardcore punk songs by one of the most uncompromising bands from the Vienna underground have been preserved here for eternity. A few months later, the band broke up.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

DE CYLINDERS - We Must Pay 7'' 1980

Second 7Inch by De Cylinders from Amsterdam and a fuckin' great record. The band were formed 1978 and consisted of: Jolanda (vocals), Vincent (guitar), Ruud (bass), Christian (drums), Rene (guitar) and Kees (piano & organ). Their debut I Wanna Get Married was released in 1980 via CNR Records and is a powerful one, as well as this one, the a-side with a driving mid-tempo number, the flip with a melodious delicacy and Jolanda's voice and the organ are superb. 
The band separated in 1984, three years after their last single. But they reformed in 2009 and they were very successful in New York and Japan and Jeremy Thompson (SingSingRecords) re-released this 7'' the same year on vinyl and he mentioned in an interview that there is a lot of unreleased De Cylinders material in the can and in 2012 the Japanese label BASE released a compilation CD with seventeen songs, including lots of unpublished material (has anyone?). Fazit: brilliant band, cheerful music which spreads good mood.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Z-OFF - Første Singel 7'' 1981

Another classic Norwegian punkband is Z-Off which released their one and only Killer 7'' on Hansen Og Kompanjongers Plateforlag in 1981. May you might know them from the awesome Bloodstains Across Norway compilation (coming soon) and these two tracks here speak for themselves. Excellent '77 style punkrock, sung in native norwegian language and the boys shoot their two minutes cracker out and proving once again that it's not difficult to play punkrock with a high level. I love listen to this sound again & again. About the band I have no further infos so you have search by your own. The title 'Hurra For Norge' was used for the awesome sampler series on Svindel RecordsSo relax and start the fuckin' download.

45 GRAVE - Black Cross 7'' 1981

This is the debut 7Inch by 45 Grave, a band from Los Angeles, on Goldar Records. Founded 1979: Dinah (vocals), Rob (bass), Paul (guitar) and Don (drums). The original group broke up in 1985 but vocalist Dinah Cancer subsequently revived the band. 45 Grave are noted as one of the first bands to mix punk rock with horror-themed lyrics, thereby positioning them as progenitors of the horror punk subgenre. Their unique appearance and morbid theatricality also distinguished them as innovators of deathrock, a style of gothic rock. The first songs which I heard were the three from the very good compilation Hell Comes To Your House on Bemisbrain Records. Black Cross is a fuckin' great punk goodie while the flip is a sluggish lethargic stomper with fast breaks. Excellent guitar sound, pretty voice, damn cool stuff!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, 9 January 2017

ELECTRICK GARBAGE - L'Escargot 7'' 1979

One more wild and raw punk record from France, the only one by Electrick Garbage, a four piece combo from Grenoble and both tracks rule, released on FLVM ("Faites Le Vous-Même", which means : "Do It Yourself"). Also here zero info about the band but the flip was taken for a compilation called Hard Punkers, of course unofficial and is certainly worth a listen. Peppy finish for a shitty Monday.

Sunday, 8 January 2017


One post today and this belongs to a 90's melodic pop-punk band from Tunbridge Wells/Kent, U.K. and this is their second EP, released by the german label Born To Booze Records. The Band has a fuckin' fat hard melodic sound with much intense energy which is rather untypical for melodic bands (Snuff, Jawbreaker, Samiam) and after the first tone the immediately, slightly melancholic atmosphere spells me and I can only turn up the volume to eleven. The Couchies made a really fantastic record with Brad and all four songs sound like a beehive in the summer. Harmonic guitar riffs humming all day long. I'm certainly become a big fan of them!