Friday, 30 December 2016

V/A - Street To Street (A Liverpool Album) 1979

And after Berlin we go over to the British Isles and visit a city with glorious past: Liverpool. This city compilation was brought to us from Open Eye Records and it exists two versions, the original from 1979 and a re-release in 1980 and when I check it correct is the track of Tontrix the only difference, hmm... why is a mystery to me, probably any royalties or rights or anything else, anyway. I have the second edition and there's some info sheets included and I think these were not standard packed. Who cares, this record is a good overview what's goin' on in Liverpool @ the end of the 70's and musically an excellent range of different styles, my favorites are Big In Japan, Modern Eon, The Accelerators (hell yeah!) and the Malchix. An exquisite record and you buy get this piece of vinyl for little money. In any case well invested!

1.Match Of The Day - BIG IN JAPAN
2.Julia's Song - THE ID
3.194 Radio City - JAQUI & JEANETTE
4.Benched Down/70s Sixties - MODERN EON
5.Television Game - ACTIVITY MINIMAL
6.The Arab - DEAD TROUT
7.Screen Love - TONTRIX
9.Crisis - MALCHIX
10.I Heard You Call My Name - FUN
11.I Don't Want To Go Bald - THE MODERATES
12.Monkeys - ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN



  1. thanks for this goodie!

  2. The Tontrix Track is named "Clear On Radar" on the labels of both releases only "Screen Love" on the Sleeve of the 1st release.
    Also there are a couple of spelling mistakes on the 1st Pressing Sleeve that are corrected for the 1980 Version
    Fun - I Heared You Call My Name (Heard)
    Echo & The Bunnymen - Monkies (Monkeys)

    1. thx for the info bristolboy, wish you a good start for 2017!

  3. Wish Big In Japan would have got at least another EP out and Modern Eon are longtime post-punk faves. I have the 2nd volume of this on LP, but don't think I ever ripped it (if you were looking to hear it).
    Cheers, M.

    1. volume 2 would be great :)

    2. I'll have to dig it out and i'll email or post a dropbox link for you here when I find it.. Cheers, M.

    3. please use this:

    4. Just sent you an email/zip-link for it.

    5. thx, post it soon and I answer you.. cheers!

  4. Sounds good. Another thing I wanted to see if you happened to have is the 3rd 7" by The Seize? I have "Why", "Everybody Dies" and the "Cross Channel Baboon" 12",so just missing that one ("Dancing Like A Dervish" 7" 1984 Why Not Records).. Cheers, Mark