Sunday, 31 January 2016

LA CAME AUX DAMELIAS - La 5e Roue Du Systéme 7'' 1978

On Oxygene was this damn good record released. The only one of this band from Paris. Recorded 1978 and the sound is wild, rough and kicks a lot, the dust on my table vibrate and the mosquitos leave quickly the room. La Came Aux Damellas was a four piece combo and more info isn't available, maybe the band members join other early french punk bands or continued to work as producers or broke up with making music. However, they have left with their single an explosive classic with a raw tempo, probably pressed in small editions. Present with a song on the great Rare Punque Francais '77-'83 (KBD #200) compilation. Puuhhh, I'm still tired. I think, I leave the stage for now and make a short nap.

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