Thursday, 19 November 2015

THE BOMB PARTY - Life's A Bitch EP 1985

Finally a vinyl title which says everything and I can only underline. The Bomb Party says me nothing but a bit info is localized and the band was comin' from Leicester, formed in the early 1980s, initially as Farmlife by Andy "Jesus" Mosquera (guitar), Peter Swaine (vocals), Steve Gerrard (guitar), Laurence Wood (sax),James Hunt(bass) and Mark Thompson (drums), who met on a fine art course at Leicester Polytechnic. They released a few singles and four albums until 1990, the year they split. 'Life's A Bitch' is their second EP, released on Abstract Records and three goodies which were recorded live at the Triangle in Birmingham. Very nice mid-tempo Punk'n'Roll which drives decently. Not bad!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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